Window Installation Tips You Must Consider Before Getting Started

Windows are important elements in any home or business, and when it comes to installing windows, this task is no exception. Window installation should be done thoughtfully and with great care by professionals who know what they’re doing. If you’re looking for a reliable company to handle your window installation, then Delco Windows can offer the best services at the right price. By opting for window replacement instead of new window installation, you get to save time and money while getting the same great quality service.

10 tips for preparing before the window installation 

You must hire professionals with extensive experience when it comes to your home improvement project, as any errors can be very costly in terms of safety and money. If you’ve been thinking about getting some new windows in your home, you should have the following ten window installation tips:

1. Clean the window and the surrounding area:

To get the best results from your window installation, you need to prepare properly. In most cases, it is a good idea that you remove all curtains and shutters before the actual work begins. Once this has been done, make sure that your windows are cleaned thoroughly – you can do this yourself or hire a professional for a little extra fee. It would help to make sure that your windows are spotless, as any dirt could interfere with the installation process.

2. Get rid of all obstacles:

During the installation process, you may find it challenging to move around due to the clutter in your home or office. If this is the case, then you should endeavor to clear out everything that is creating obstacles for you. If your windows are in the way of certain furniture or appliances, then they should either be moved away or disconnected to make it easier for the window installation experts.

3. Keep your flooring safe:

Your flooring will inevitably get damaged during a window installation project – however, this doesn’t mean that you should lose any sleep over it. Before the experts arrive, you should put some old sheets on the ground to avoid scratches and scuffs. If you want to be as economical as possible, you can hire professionals who also do flooring installation. This way, there is no need for a second visit – combine the services and save money in the long run.

4. Keep your stuff safe:

Before the professionals arrive for a window installation project, you should make sure that everything valuable is taken away from the area – this includes not only expensive pictures and paintings but also medications and knives, and utensils in your kitchen. In addition to this, if any other items could move or fall during the installation process, then you should put them away as well.

5. Cover your furniture:

Your window-mounted air-conditioning unit is likely to get damaged due to a window replacement project – if this is the case, then be sure to cover it with a sheet before the project begins. The same goes for your wall-mounted heater and other appliances and objects that could get damaged during the installation process – cover them with a sheet or some additional protective cover to ensure that they remain unharmed.

6. Time of arrival and departure:

The arrival time for window installation professionals is usually scheduled during the day, but this may not always be possible. If you are working during the day, you should let the experts in when you leave your home and put a note on your door stating that they have to wait until you return. It would be best if you also let them know that you will not be home during the day and you would like them to come back in the evening.

7. Expect dust, noise, and overall chaos:

Even though you should be as organized as possible before the experts arrive, it is also a good idea to keep an open mind about it. You can be guaranteed that there will be dust all over your furniture, floors, and carpets, but this will disappear soon enough. The noise level will undoubtedly become quite unbearable at specific points, but this is nothing you can’t live with. If there are any problems, you should let the experts know to adjust their activity accordingly.

8. System of alarms:

If you live in a house with an alarm system, this will undoubtedly come in handy when the professionals arrive. If your windows do not have any locks installed already, you should inform your security company about the installation and provide them with as many details as possible. This way, they can switch off the entire system for a short period and then switch it on once the installation is complete. This will not only protect your belongings (in case someone tries to break in during this time), but it will also ensure that you do not incur any unnecessary expenditure on things like alarm batteries.

9. Plaster wall damage:

Even though this is one of the most unpleasant things that could take place as a result of window installation, there are certain precautions you can take to prevent it from happening. Before the professionals arrive, make sure that they cover every single bit of the wall surface with plastic. If this doesn’t happen, then your walls are likely to be ripped open in the process, which is often a tough job to fix.

10. Will there be any openings in my house if the job takes longer than a day?

If you live in a house where the main entrance is blocked by workers and machines during the installation process, then you might be wondering what will happen if it takes longer than a day – for this reason, we suggest that you work out an arrangement with your neighbors beforehand to ensure that they can come and go as usual. It would also be a good idea to use another door during the process, even though it is more likely that you will end up using the main entrance once everything has been completed.


All in all, you should do everything you can to avoid unpleasant surprises when dealing with a window installation project. Let us know your thoughts on the matter, and please share any advice or tips that we may have missed!

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