Trying DIY Eyelash Extension

An increasing number of women are choosing to have eyelash extension treatments performed at home recently. They are a cost-effective way to give yourself the look of long, thick lashes in the privacy of your own home. But if you have never done this before, you may be wondering how to do DIY eyelash extension using just your glue, lash primer, and eyelash extensions.

There are a lot of tutorials available on YouTube and other social media channels. It is important to check out these videos and get an idea of how to do the lash extension exactly. You can also read different blogs where detailed procedures are written. After gathering some information on lash extension supplies, you can proceed with DIY eyelash extension at home.

You should start by applying an eyelash extensions kit as described in the pack. Start adding the lashes to your eye with a small amount of glue. Glue sticks can be very handy here. The more glue that is used, the longer the lashes will stay together. Once you are happy that they are attached firmly, put the eyelash extensions inside the eye.

Next, you should place another row of lashes on top of the initial row. This second row will serve as a base for the extensions. Take a lash primer to apply to the outside of the lashes. This will help them stick better to the eyelid and become even darker. There is also an option of covering the entire extensions with white makeup to prevent them from being seen.

If desired, you can add a second row of lashes underneath the first one. This will create a longer look and will provide some natural height. You should apply a third, fourth, or even fifth row of lashes once your extensions are in place. Make sure you use enough glue to completely cover the lashes, and you should not leave any of the redness untreated.

Before you know it, you will be receiving compliments on your new look. When you take them off, you will see that they made your eyes look much wider, and the overall effect was amazing. Your friends will start to ask where you got such beautiful-looking eyelashes. However, before you answer that question, you need to learn more about how to do DIY eyelash extensions.

These are some basic tips that you should keep in mind before you start your project. Remember to choose the suitable lashes, apply eyelash extension tips carefully, and most importantly, have patience. Eyelash extensions may take a few hours to make, but they are definitely worth the wait! Just imagine what you would feel like when you walk into a room, and everyone is admiring your pretty new eyes. It would make everyone around you look and feel more confident as well.

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