How gaming technology changing day by day

The internet of things, augmented reality and voice interaction are some of the technological advances that will be seen in 2018. All of these technological advancements have also reshaped how the video game industry has developed over the past year.

Gaming TechnologyIt is not difficult to think that in a few years the world will have undergone a complete transformation because of the changes that technology generates. This awareness of the transformation is produced by science fiction stories that mix our everyday reality with an experience that only seems possible in the world of fiction. Like gaming technology Gaming PC world also change everyday like before nobody use gaming pc with radiator but now in 2019 you have to use best 120mm fans for radiator in your Gaming PC.

Many more video games are also being developed for virtual reality platform. In virtual and augmented reality there will also be a development that promises a different use to the current one, which makes virtual reality a didactic element. However, in this technology the road traveled is smaller and still lacks much development. The same thing does not happen with the blockchain that is the technology that allows, in a virtual way, to make transactions of any kind in a secure way and without the need for an intermediary. This technology is already in frequent use and becomes a highly explored and appealing resource for the video game sector.

What most generates interest in the technological improvements in video games is the development of what is known as the Internet of things or artificial intelligence, which is considered a revolutionary technology comparable to the invention of the personal computer, the Internet and mobile devices. The intention is to ensure that more and more everyday devices are connected to the internet in order to collect more data and information, and thus provide services that do not require interaction with a human because the object itself can resolve situations thanks to that artificial intelligence.

Video games and the AI that power is getting smarter. This intelligence is the basis of almost all other technologies, such as machine learning, a way to get computers or machines to acquire knowledge from experience and with that they can interact with humans. They are chatbots, virtual conversation booths with software that is capable of emulating a chat with a human. This is what is the technology that is expected to be used for customer service and that it is predicted that by 2020 it will be used in more than Nintendo has been the last to renew the console, with the latest Switch. In April they released Labo, an ingenious combination of augmented reality, game, construction and robotics that has captivated big and old. That is one of the secret ingredients of Nintendo, its ability to imagine a wide range of the population without prior knowledge or feel part of the collective gamer.

Thus, in 2018 a hyperconnected world is predicted by means of the devices; and a world where artificial intelligence will continue to advance to offer new experiences of reality that would make us think that we are in the world of science fiction. And this means overall for gamers, games will also continue to improve. n

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