Helping An Adult Family Member or Friend with a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

When a family member or family gets addicted to drugs, it affects the other family members. It is essential to take steps to help your love overcome addiction. It will help not only them but also those who live with them. Working together is always better than battling an addiction individually.

5 Tips to help a family member or friend with a drug or alcohol addiction

Attend family therapy

It is noble to take action to help a family member struggling with addiction. But you need to care for your mental health as well. Attending family therapies is the best choice. It enables you to deal with the consequences of drug addiction from your loved one. You will get referrals to the best alcoholic help NZ that can transform the life of your loved one. Family therapy programs also eliminate blame games.

Learn about drug and alcohol addiction

Addiction is not a sign of weakness or a choice, as many people believe. You must learn about it before you can offer any help to your friend or family. When you understand addiction, it helps you avoid being angry at the person with the problem. Instead, it offers an opportunity to understand what they are going through.

There are various resources available online that you can use to learn. You can visit websites or even bookstores for more resources on helping loved ones. The information can restore hope in a family about their loved ones. It also helps them get the help they need with the support of their family.

Join a support group

Support groups provide help for families whose loved ones have an addiction problem. Joining one is vital to helping you support a friend or family member with their addiction. Through the group, you will connect with your peers who also are supporting their loved ones. It will help you understand that the challenges exist, but you can overcome them as others are doing. It also allows family members to live a better quality of life by lowering stress levels.

Spend time together as a family

Family get-togethers are an excellent way to reconnect with the entire family. It is essential for members supporting a loved one with an addiction to spend time together. You can decide to have a meal together frequently or create a routine all members can participate. It helps reduce stress and creates a conducive environment to support each other.

Set aside exercise time

Exercising is one of the best ways to cope with stress. As a family, exercising helps you to clear your mind. It enables you to focus on your personal and family wellbeing. The sessions allow the members to vent their worries without causing pain or harm. Thus instead of shouting or yelling at your loved one, you can spend the energy running or doing yoga.


Every friend or family member suffering from addiction needs support. But, they can not get help if those around them blame them or do not understand their struggles. The tips in this article will help you to offer support to your loved one without getting overwhelmed.

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