How Can You Gain Motivation from Jiu Jitsu?

Jiu Jitsu is an ancient martial art form that emphasizes using a person’s own strength and technique to subdue opponents. It has gained increasing popularity in recent years due to its practical applications, offering practitioners physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Whether you are a beginner or have been Jiu Jitsu training for a while, there are many ways that you can use Jiu Jitsu motivation. Here, we will discuss the various ways you can gain motivation from your practice of Jiu Jitsu. From setting goals and focusing on progress to connecting with like-minded practitioners, these strategies can help you remain motivated and make the most out of your training.

Jiu Jitsu training

Setting Goals

Setting goals is a great way to stay motivated in any activity, and Jiu Jitsu is no different. Think of something you want to achieve through your practice – mastering a certain technique or earning a belt promotion. Write down these goals and create a timeline to keep track of your progress over time. It can give you a sense of accomplishment as you reach each milestone, which can be invaluable in terms of motivation.

Focus on Progress

Rather than focusing solely on the end goal, it’s essential to take time to appreciate and celebrate your progress along the way. Acknowledge all the small victories in your Jiu Jitsu journey – mastering new drills, earning stripes on your belt – and celebrate them. Focusing on the progress you’re making rather than the end result can make it easier to stay motivated in your practice.

Incorporating Variety into the Practice

Getting stuck in a rut when it comes to Jiu Jitsu can be easy, but mixing it up and trying new techniques will help keep your practice fresh. Find different ways to approach the moves you already know, or try something completely new like open guard or carves sweeps. This will add more variety to your practice and give you a new challenge that can help keep your motivation high.

Connect with Like-Minded Practitioners

Having the support and encouragement of fellow practitioners is vital to staying motivated in Jiu Jitsu. Connecting with like-minded people who share your passion for the martial art form will allow you to remain inspired by others’ successes and work together to reach your goals. Whether it’s through in-person classes, online forums, or social media, finding a group of people who are just as passionate as you can help you stay motivated and focused on your practice.

Overcoming Setbacks and Adversities

Despite how experienced you become, setbacks are a normal part of Jiu Jitsu training. The key to staying motivated is learning to manage these adversities and keep moving forward. Remind yourself that making mistakes is all part of the process and that it’s ok to fail so long as you don’t give up. Whenever you feel frustrated or discouraged, take a step back and remember why you started training in the first place.


Gaining motivation from Jiu Jitsu is essential to make the most out of your practice. From setting goals and focusing on progress to connecting with like-minded practitioners and overcoming setbacks, the strategies outlined here can help you stay motivated in your training. So apply these processes to your Jiu Jitsu practice to enhance your motivation level.

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