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Many people with mental disorders use alcohol and drugs as a way of self-medication. People with a diagnosed mental illness and a substance abuse disorder have a dual-diagnosis and should get treatment immediately. Fortunately, there are various women’s recovery center that have specialized in treating people with dual-diagnosis.

Most people struggling with mental illnesses are silent and never seek help or treatment. The few who choose to seek treatment are taught how to live normal lives and manage the disorders. There are people who are prone to mental illnesses and they have to live in nursing homes.

People above the age of 65 and post-partum women more likely to get mental health disorders. Even though some people have higher chances of getting mental health disorders, anyone can get the illness. On most occasions, people with mental health disorders end up abusing alcohol and drugs. As a result of the two, they end up having to deal tin depression and anxiety.

Such people might fail to seek medical assistance and prescribe medicine for themselves. When mental illness is co-occurring with substance abuse, the individual is said to have a dual diagnosis and should be taken to any recovery center as soon as possible.

Some centers might use medicines to help in treating the diagnosis. Using drugs to treat such a diagnosis is advantageous because:

  • The medications remove harmful substances in your life hence improving physical health.
  • The medications create a more focused and cleaner state of mind.
  • The medications eliminate or lessen crabbing symptoms.
  • The medications help in decreasing the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

Even if using medicines to treat a dual diagnosis is helpful, the medicines might have some aide effects like:

  • Paranoia
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • High anxiety levels
  • Depression

An individual who experiences any of the side effects should talk to a rehabilitation specialist immediately. The specialist might find a way to control the usage of the medicine or find another medication that is more appropriate.

Both people in inpatient and outpatient recovery programs can get medications for dual diagnosis. For the outpatient programs, individuals are expected to attend various women recovery meetings regularly in a week and are left alone few weeks later.

The outpatient programs work best for people who want to handle their addiction as they go on with their normal day to day routines. On the other hand, inpatient programs will control and monitor your usage.

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