Buying golf cart bags


Lots of advantages come with using carts to carry golf bags. Golfers get more exercise and reduce stress in their backs and shoulders from not actually carrying the golf bags, which can make all the difference in their swings and overall game. It’s less tiring using a cart and is more affordable in the long run for most golfers. Typical cart rental for one round is three to seven dollars.

Carts come in different styles and have many features. The more features on the cart, the more expensive it is. Golfers who are not looking to spend a lot of money should stick with a manual pull or ‘pushcart,’ which starts at around fifty dollars and goes up. Electric carts are more expensive, and the price for these begins around a thousand.

No matter the type of cart, golfers should look for features that are well suited to them when buying a cart. Carts do more than carry golf bags. They come with lots of extras for accessories.  Depending on their needs, golfers can opt for carts with cup holders and umbrella holders, compartments for storage, and mesh storage nets.  Higher-end carts come with treaded tires, accessory tabs, folding mechanisms, and straps for securing golf bags.  Most carts come with a standard scorecard holder and space for a pencil and a few balls.

For the most part, push and pull carts are easy to set up and take apart. When buying a cart, think about storage and trunk space. Make sure the cart is compact enough to store at home and in the trunk on the way to the course. Newer model cars come with three wheels making them easier to maneuver, especially over different types of ground. All carts come with brakes, which can come in handy for the golfer who needs to slow down when going downhill.

For added comfort, look for a cart that comes with adjustable handles. Most adjustable handles can be set to two different angles. This keeps taller golfers from having to stoop and shorter golfers from struggling with their grip on the cart. The biggest difference between carts is that the golfer pushes the ‘pushcart’ ahead of them and pulls a pull cart behind them.

Electric carts allow golfers to carry golf bags with ease and little or no strain. Most electric carts run on rechargeable batteries and are self-propelled. The brakes on these carts are also electric.  The most expensive type of electric cart is one that is remote controlled. These carts do not require as much work to use – just make sure the battery is fully charged before each round. Electric carts are not as compact as manual carts and take more room for storage. They are also heavier, which makes transporting them to and from the car difficult for some golfers.

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