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Welcome to my Blog!

Stress free, fun, happy, colorful, casual are all things that describe a session with me.

I have always loved art and enjoyed creating things. It makes me happy . . . puts a skip in my step. My interest in photography started in high school, but really expanded once I had children. I now have 3 little ones of my own (that's us on the left), and I feel compelled to document their unique characteristics and personality traits with the camera. I like to capture moments, looks, glances, smiles, belly laughs, the beauty within them . . . everything about them I want to remember. My goal is to capture real moments and interactions. It is no different when I am at a session. I want to capture all of these things for you too.

People have described me as creative and passionate. I put both of these qualities to work in every session. I want you to love your images as much as I do. 

I also enjoy getting to know people and listening to their stories. That's why photography is such a good match for me. It brings my creative passion together with my love for people. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story as I document your unique characteristics with my camera.

september 10-18










I have written several articles for  The latest one is a sweet little getaway a friend of mine created in her backyard.  Check it out!


If you scroll to the bottom of my blog you will see a Houzz badge along with a slideshow of my work done for them.  Click the link and you will be taken to my professional page on




sept 6 – 9

september 1 – 4


And can you believe . . . I FORGOT to take a photo on Sept 5.  That was irritating.  All this time, not one day missed, and then . . . Sept 5.  Oh well. No sense in dwelling on it.  It’s a leap year.  Hopefully I’ll still have 365 images when this is all done.

august 31 – summer afternoon


August 30th is not up yet because it will be one of my niece’s senior photos.

august 24 – 29


my girls . . .


Taking advantage of all that beautiful summer light.

august 23

august 13 – 22

august 12 – BE THE CHURCH

BE the Church is an incredible way to reach out into the community.  A dozen local churches get together one Sunday per year, cancel their regular services, and join forces to envelope our community with love and acts of kindness . . . all because of the power of the Gospel of Jesus!  My family went to a local trailer park and participated in a kids’ fest.  We also passed out batteries for smoke detectors, installed new smoke detectors, and prayed with residents who would let us.  I particularly like that churches of different denominations join together as one body to accomplish the tasks presented.  And I love to see the smiles on the faces of those being blessed.  Jesus is awesome!  He is the motivation for all of this.