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Welcome to my Blog!

Stress free, fun, happy, colorful, casual are all things that describe a session with me.

I have always loved art and enjoyed creating things. It makes me happy . . . puts a skip in my step. My interest in photography started in high school, but really expanded once I had children. I now have 3 little ones of my own (that's us on the left), and I feel compelled to document their unique characteristics and personality traits with the camera. I like to capture moments, looks, glances, smiles, belly laughs, the beauty within them . . . everything about them I want to remember. My goal is to capture real moments and interactions. It is no different when I am at a session. I want to capture all of these things for you too.

People have described me as creative and passionate. I put both of these qualities to work in every session. I want you to love your images as much as I do. 

I also enjoy getting to know people and listening to their stories. That's why photography is such a good match for me. It brings my creative passion together with my love for people. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story as I document your unique characteristics with my camera.

nov 22 – 27


This has to be one of the longest blog posts ever posted!  It’s a marathon of Glimpses 2012 photos!  I haven’t edited the last few days of the year yet, but I’ll get them up shortly.  I’m changing things up a bit for 2013 . . . I’ll be posting most of my family images over on Instagram.  For those of you not familiar with it, it is an app for your mobile devices.  It’s free!  So download the app, look me up (I’m julieranee there too) and follow along.  Capturing, editing, and uploading images directly from my phone should help me stay on top of things.  And this year there are no rules.  Meaning, I can take one image every day, or two or three or zero.  No worries, though.  There will be plenty of images taken to document our year.  2013 is sure to be a big year with lots of exciting changes!!!!!  I just might BURST with enthusiasm!  God is good!  I’ll say more about that in my next post.  I always do that (in real life).  Give a little teaser info, and then . . . make you wait.  It’s worth the wait.  Promise.

So hopefully I’ll see you over on Instagram this year.  Be back in a few with the remaining 2012 images.  I’ve already started working on our 2012 album.  So excited!!


nov 11-21

Did you think I would quit so close to the end of the year?  Not a chance!  I just haven’t had time to post my “glimpses 2012″ images.  Hoping to be caught up and on time by the end of the year!

nov 1-10

Playing catch up!  We were in Florida Nov 3-10.  So fun and relaxing!  We had a great time hanging out as a family, and enjoying the sites and weather of Florida.  Our oldest was sick the entire week.  Poor thing.  We kept her moving toward the end of the week . . . tissues in tow.  It was hard to pick just one image for each day.  This is truly just a glimpse into our week.  





october 20-31


october 8-19

October 3 – 7

mustache fun

September 28 – October 2


So my camera time has been 13 hours off since I was in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is only 2 hours different from here.  I’ve reset the date/time OFTEN, but no change.  What in the world?  #thingsthatdontmakesensebutIcontinuetolivewiththembecauseIdonthavetheenergytofigurethemout


Our sweet 13 year old friend is struggling for her earthly life right now.  Heavily sedated as her heart tries to recover after it stopped beating yesterday.  Please pray for Shyanne and her family . . . mom, dad, twin sister, and brother.

Lord God, shower them with your mercy and grace.

The first is an image of Shyanne.  The second is the image she posted as her Facebook cover photo on the 24th of September . . . just 3 days before she collapsed.


With a very heavy heart,


EDIT:  We visited Shyanne today AT HOME!  Our AWESOME GOD worked a miracle in her life, and she is now at home and getting back to her normal activities.  Seriously.  AMAZING.  Praise God!!!

September 19 – 27