How To Ritually Burn Incense?


Burning incense is more than just using an incense burner and sticking in your aromas. Using incense can be a spiritual process that you may want to learn how to do properly.
The meaning of incense when burned has to do with the purification or transmutation of a state.

In general, incense is good for dissipating bad energies and can be burned at any time of the day, but in some cases, with proper prayer, it will be much more powerful to determine a specific time according to the intention. That is why it is important to find out about the ideal ritual for each request, since the rituals may vary. Of course, for all of the ritual incense burning, you will need to use a proper incense burner.

To request help for economic problems, it is advisable to use incense for this field from noon until the sun goes down. If instead, it is a sentimental situation, it will be better to turn it on at night.

1. For any intention, incense should help us find a moment of peace that elevates prayer and meditation correctly.

Ideally, it should be done in the space of the house where we feel more comfortable and relaxed if the request does not have to do with home harmony, and if it is a ritual that will impact specifically in the house, it is convenient to walk the aroma throughout the home. Using multiple incense burners can increase this effect.

2. For a ritual, you can use one to three incense sticks, with the help of a special burner known as a censer.

To know how to burn incense, we can be guided by the school of Buddhism, which has taught the habit of burning the rod horizontally, with the end where it is lit looking to the left so that it is possible to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Buddhists have been using incense burners for centuries in order to help them with their spiritual rituals

The meaning of incense smoke is diverse. If at the moment of burning the wand the smoke goes straight up, it means that the request will come true in a short time.

If this goes to the left it means that other people will intervene to make it happen and if it is to the right, it will be on its own. When the smoke from the rod seems to take the form of a spiral, it means that the incense is managing the reception of the request.

There will be times when smoke follows the person. In these cases, it will be necessary to reaffirm the petition, with other types of sentences. If hoops are formed from smoke, it is the symbol of the unlimited expansion of energies and vibrations, which refers to the possibility of being, that is, the total scope of the objective.

This is how you use an incense burner through ritual methods, and how you can interpret the incense based on Buddhist teachings. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to get your very own Buddhist incense burner as well.

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